Below is a sampling of the projects Doug has written and links to the publishers of each project. If you're interested in purchasing the books, please check with the publisher, your local comic shop, one of those handy-dandy book stores, Amazon, or any other online retailer. Also keep in mind that you can purchase digital copies of most of Doug's works at the publisher's website or at Comixology.

Seasons 1 - 4

Doug worked with DC COMICS, WARNER BROTHERS ENTERTAINMENT, and the CW NETWORK to create single-page comic teasers for each week's new episode of ARROW.  

Seasons 1 & 2

Working yet again with DC COMICS, WARNER BROTHERS ENTERTAINMENT, and the CW NETWORK, Doug wrote single-page comic teasers for each week's episode of the hit TV series THE FLASH.

Batman: Arkham Origins

It took a team of writers and artists to bring this choose-your-own- adventure book to life. 


The best-selling video game comes to comic books in BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS! In the video game Batman: Arkham Origins, Black Mask orders a hit on the Dark Knight and assassins from all across Gotham City answer the call. Batman must defeat the likes of Deathstroke, Bane, The Joker, Copperhead and others while trying to find out what Black Mask is up to. Collects digital chapters #1-14

Legends of the Dark Knight

Art by Matthew Dow Smith


Originally appearing in DC Comics' Digital First initiative, Ashes to Ashes is a gruesome 30-page Batman short story focusing on a series of brutal murders. A madman is terrorizing Gotham, set on avenging a crime long forgotten and silently swept beneath the dark underbelly of Gotham. Can Batman stop this assassin before he kills again? And will he want to when he finds out the truth behind the murderer's rampage?

I.C.E. "Bayou Blackout" #1

Art by Daniel Hillyard

The Infektsi, a group of Chechen mercenaries, have entered the city of New Orleans, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. ICE agents Cole and Ezra head to Louisiana to try and keep the terrorists from taking out a main hub of the US power grid. Launching directly out of FCBD, you don't want to miss the Giant-Sized, 40-page issue of ICE: BAYOU BLACKOUT #1!

I.C.E. "Bayou Blackout" #2

Art by Daniel Hillyard

With power cut to the entire city New Orleans, chaos ensues. Meanwhile, at a local hospital, the Chechen terrorist group known as the Infektsi has their first run-in with ICE agents Cole and Ezra. Bullets fly and the action ramps up while the crescent city burns!

I.C.E. "Bayou Blackout" #3

Art by Daniel Hillyard

Now deep inside the Louisiana Bayou, Cole faces off against the devil incarnate, the leader of the terrorist group Infektsi. And while the devil is pure evil, this time he fights a man with his own demons locked inside and they're begging to get out. Don't miss the powerful conclusion to the title calls "the series I will compare all other action books to..."

I.C.E. "Critical Mass" Trade Paperback


Art by Daniel Hillyard / Cover by Jason Pearson


In this prequel to the original ICE mini-series, Cole Matai is a new recruit at the Montana branch of The U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency. While working a drug trafficking case with agent Ezra Delgado, they discover that terrorists have taken over a small town near the Canadian border. As the terrorist group prepares to launch a nuclear attack on the Pacific Northwest, Cole and Ezra must foil their plans against the greatest of odds! 

I.C.E. Vol 1 Trade Paperback

Art by Jose Holder & Brian Stelfreeze


The U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency (a.k.a. ICE) is charged with keeping our borders secure. The politics are complicated, but they don't matter to COLE MATAI, leader of the best tactical group ICE has to offer. For him, it's all about protecting the public from men like LUIS MORALES, head of a ruthless Mexican drug cartel. When Morales notices that some of his drug runners are stealing inventory, he takes it personal. Shock-waves hit three U.S. cities as members of his cartel are savagely murdered over a period of weeks, all at the hands of Morales. The cross-country manhunt for this vicious killer pushes Cole and his team to the limit!

Person of Interest
Seasons 3 & 4

Working with DC COMICS, WARNER BROTHERS ENTERTAINMENT, and CBS, Doug wrote single-page comic book teasers for each episode. The teasers were used as sneak peeks online before the airing of each episode. 

The Average Joes #1-8

Co-written by Shannon Houchins / Art by Daniel Hillyard

They may be known around the world as hick-hop legends, but they're secretly, maybe not so secretly, a superpowered team of heroes known as THE AVERAGE JOES. Featuring Colt Ford, Lenny Cooper, Sarah Ross, The LACS, the Moonshine Bandits, Twang & Round, and several more of Average Joes Entertainment's music stars.

Witchblade/Red Sonja Trade Paperback

Art by Cezar Razek, amazing cover art by Ale Garza, and eye-popping colors by Marlon Ilagan.

Join Dynamite Entertainment and Top Cow Productions as they bring two of comics most celebrated heroines together in one terrifying tale of loss and redemption. Red Sonja, the She-Devil with a Sword, and Sara Pezzini, the modern day bearer of the Witchblade, must find a way to defeat a wickedly depraved being as old and as dark as the cosmos in order to prevent the world from eternally becoming a true hell on Earth.

World of Warcraft: Bloodsworn

Art by Jheremy Raapack


Words forged and paid for in blood by every member of the Horde. Constantly fighting for their freedom, this faction of outcast races stands side by side against tyranny and persecution. But now something dark and powerful threatens their very existence. The Horde's only hope is a small band of outcasts forced to team together. 

25 To Life #1

Co-written by Eriq LaSalle / Art by Tony Shasteen and JD Mettler

In a matter of weeks, three African-American police officers have been publicly and brutally murdered in the state of Virginia. An elite, yet experimental F.B.I. unit, formed specifically to investigate high profile crimes, is called in to head the investigation. This F.B.I. team matches its investigators with hardened criminals who are currently incarcerated for having committed crimes similar in nature to the case they are trying to solve. In this particular instance, it means working with a racist-militia leader serving a life sentence, a man that would rather help the murderer(s) than see the killing-spree stop.

25 To Life #2

Co-written by Eriq Lasalle

Art by Tony Shasteen and JD Mettler

F.B.I. Special Agent Gabriel Santana and his elite team continue to track the killer of multiple African-American police officers across Virginia. As the clues unfold, Pratt, the incarcerated militia leader who has been coerced into helping Santana, provides detailed insight into the Mountaineer Militia -- the group he led before his conviction, and the focus of the investigation. But is Pratt actually cooperating, or is he only manipulating the team and biding his time?

25 To Life #3

Co-written by Eriq LaSalle

Art by Tony Shasteen and JD Mettler

As the body count continues to multiply, Pratt's plan is finally revealed. He's been pushing Special Agent Santana's buttons from the moment they met, and it has all been leading to this moment. The rest of Santana's team, however, catches a break when the serial killer's vehicle is found. Using evidence obtained from inside the car, the focus of the search is narrowed, and the F.B.I.'s most scrutinized unit closes in on the murderer. 


Art by Bruno Redondo

Straight from 2010's hit movie from Summit Entertainment comes a tale of Joe (Morgan Freeman) during his time employed by the C.I.A. 

Joe is an old hand at missions for the C.I.A., but even he raises an eyebrow at his latest assignment: face-to-face personnel reviews with deep cover operatives IN the field. And to make things even more difficult, the "field" is Moscow and it's during the height of the Cold War. It's going to be one long day!

Gun Candy #1

Art by Brian Stelfreeze

The return of the original plaid-skirted assassin. As Laci carries out her latest hit for her adopted Uncle, she finds out that what’s she’s been told about her parents’ death is a lie. One thing’s for sure – betraying a teenage assassin with a penchant for plaid can only lead to one outcome…chaos and death.

Learn how Laci became…well, Laci in this story of murder, deception, and mayhem.

Gun Candy #2

Art by Brian Stelfreeze

Laci destroys everything in her path as she unravels the mystery of who killed her parents when she was a child. Why has she been misled all her life, and how will the truth affect a girl already teetering on the edge of insanity? Find out in the stunning finale of GUN CANDY!

The Ride: Die Valkyrie #1

Art by Brian Stelfreeze

Hot chicks, a stolen '68 Camaro, tons of guns, a car chase, and a mess of dead bodies. All this and the hottest teen-assassin in comics as a cherry on top!

The Ride: Die Valkyrie #2

Art by Brian Stelfreeze

The joyride that started last issue is turning into a bloodbath. Note to reader: never steal a car with a trunk full of the mob's guns. They won't like that.

On the other hand, Laci tries hard to change her killin' ways, but being good is just so damn hard---God love her for tryin'.

The Ride: Die Valkyrie #3

Art by Brian Stelfreeze

All roads merge when the Valkyries meet Laci and the nuns, with the bad guys hot on their tails and taking no prisoners! As the bodies pile up, the true Laci is unleashed.


The Ride #1

Art by Cully Hamner and Brian Stelfreeze

Atlanta rookie detective Samantha Vega receives a distressing call from her younger brother while on a stakeout. But when she’s ordered to stay put regardless of the family emergency, her no nonsense, hard-nosed, veteran partner takes matters into his own hands. As the two detectives rush across state lines, they find themselves cornered by a teen assassin (LACI) sporting pink-plaid, a .50 caliber Desert Eagle, and a love for mayhem.

The Ride #2

Art by Georges Jeanty, Dexter Vines, and Jason Pearson

Atlanta rookie detective Samantha Vega arrives in a small college town in search of her brother's murderer. Will Vega and her partner Frank Simms survive the trap that awaits them? Find out this issue, as the first story arc of THE RIDE comes to an explosive conclusion!

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